Liturgie v perspektivě druhého: výpravy do budoucnosti bohoslužby [Liturgy in the perspective of the second: expeditions to the future of worship]

  • Benedikt Kranemann
Keywords: liturgy, liturgical movement, pluralistic society


The goal of the liturgical movement of the past century was more than a reform of worship. Its original intention was the renewal of the Church and strengthening of faith. Therefore, the question about the future development of the liturgy presupposes the question of the self-understanding of the Church. Arguably, liturgical innovations must follow the missionary orientation of the Church and its new ways of presence in the contemporary world. The liturgy must reveal the Church as a dialogue partner of the current pluralistic society. The liturgical celebration must be a place where the gospel is preached in such ways that open one’s individual life perspective. The Church needs such forms of celebration in order to invite people to come closer to the message of faith. If the liturgy makes a room for the integration of various life stories, it will be an essential enrichment for the traditional liturgy of the Church.