Soukromí v latinských a českých biblických textech

  • Josef Šimandl
Keywords: Biblical studies, Czech words for privacy, Notion of privacy


This paper ponders whether the notion of privacy should be seen as not biblical or not Catholic. Several Catholic encyclopedias were skimmed; the increasing interest in this topic is evident, although the prevailing point of view belongs not to theology or biblical studies, but to (ecclesiastical) law. In the following section of the paper, Czech words for privacy/private (soukromí/soukromý) in the Czech Ecumenical Translation and in the most notable older translation (Bible kralická) are examined and compared with their counterparts in Latin and Greek Bibles. The Old-Czech word súkromí with its strictly local sense is mentioned as well. To sum up: The examined words are plausibly used in the translation; the notion belongs to the biblical world and is worth of further research.