Bonavetura da Bagnoregio – una teologia affettiva o sapienziale?

  • Ctirad V. Pospíšil
Keywords: Scholastic method in theology, Spirituality, Anthropology, Theology


The author in this study responds to the ambiguity about the concept of the theology of Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, specifically the expression that refers to “affective theology”. Based on the source texts, he proves that Bonaventure's theology is sapiential, not just emotional and devotional. The term “affective” is necessary to understand as a synecdochical expression of the sapiential character of Bonaventure’s theology. In the introduction to the Bonaventure’s Commentary of the Sentences the author discovers a text in which Bonaventure portrays theology as wisdom in the middle of an imaginary cross with axes: intellect – affection, and contemplation – practice. This fact is up-to-date as the International Theological Commission, in one of its latest papers, encourages today's theologians not to forgive the sapiential dimension of their work.