John, the Talking Baby of Luke 1:64

  • Adam Sabir
Keywords: Gospel of Luke, Book of Enoch, Miracles, Melchisedech, Zachary, Narrative accounts, Talking babies, John the Baptist, Birth narrative miracles


The aim of this article is to review the age-old assumption of who may be the object OF the miraculous speech in Lk 1:64, without eliminating the traditional interpretation of Zachary as both loosing and receiving back his speech in conjunction with the events surrounding the birth of John. The thesis of the article is that the orator of Lk 1:64 is most probably the newborn baby John. The argument is a cumulative one and builds upon observations of grammatical, contextual and genre-specific nature. The last point is underscored by incorporating 2 (Slavonic) Enoch into the discussion.