Obnova teologickej metódy v reflexii Marcella Bordoniho (1930–2013)

  • Ivana Kostúrová
Keywords: Marcello Bordoni, Dogmatic Theology, Theological method, II. Vatican Council, Sacred Scripture, Tradition


A renewal of the theological method in the spirit of the II. Vatican Council
represented a significant change in dogmatic theology. It was not just a question
of technical nature, but rather a change of the way of thinking and approach. The
main purpose of this article is to point out how Marcello Bordoni – an important
Italian theologian faced the challenges of the II. Vatican Council. In the first part the
article presents the personality and theological works of M. Bordoni. In the second
part, it points out the difficulties which the post-conciliar theologian had to face,
and consequently discusses the methodological bases that Bordoni considered to
be a necessary premise for any authentic theological reflection. Presentation of the
Italian theologian and his effort to grasp the theological method is important not
only for the theory. The question of the method also reflects the spirituality of the