Vademecum pro dialog a hlásání Krista muslimům v České republice

  • Lukáš Nosek
Keywords: Dialogue, Proclamation, Preacher, Islam


The article presents a practical guidance for catechists, preachers and
pastoral workers and for their possible contact with Muslims in the Czech republic.
This article presents a strong and joyful faith in the Christ in one hand and
a desire of understanding between religions as a needed preconditions for the
Interreligious Dialogue. The preacher has to be acquainted with the deep knowledge
of Islam, its culture and the local muslim community. Also his rhetorical
skills and a strong personality are strongly required. Further it shows the inspiration
of proclamation of Christ which is based on similarities of the Bible and the
Koran, and of the articles of faith and of the piety. At the end it is highly important to
mention the knowledge of the classical Arabic literature and to search for elements
of truth in it.

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