Zkušenost s duchovním doprovázením v perspektivě ignaciánské spirituality [Experience of spiritual direction in the perspective of Ignatian spirituality]

  • František Hylmar Catholic Faculty of Theology, Charles University in Prague
Keywords: Spiritual direction, ignatian spirituality, spiritual exercises, examen, spiritual discernment.


After a brief presentation of basic forms of spiritual direction and after stressing the importance of personal spiritual experience, the article describes Ignatian concept of human being in relation with God and God´s adversary and gives an overview of Ignatian spiritual exercises as a general dynamic of human spiritual journey. On this basis the article presents fundamental elements of spiritual direction from the perspective of Ignatian spirituality: attitude of openness, awareness of external events and interior movements, sharing of interior life, contemplative prayer, discernment of interior movements, recognition of one´s own weakness and of God´s acceptance, finding one´s way in the following of Christ. The article sees the particularity of the Ignatian aproach to spiritual direction in the interconnection of these seven elements, in their dynamics and in the importance of the examen and of the discernment.


DOI: 10.14712/23363398.2015.75