AUCT 8 (2018), No. 1: Islam


Undoubtedly, one of the current ‘signs of times’ is the existence of Islam. And this is not only for the growing number of its adherents both in the West and in the other parts of the world but also for a frequent association of Islam with a violent ideology. It is a reality not to be ignored and rejected as such. There have been soldiers who fought under the flag of ISIS bearing the Muslim creed, suicidal terrorists call aloud their ‘Allahu Akhbar’ before they complete their ordeal. What does God desire to tell us by this, to what kind of attitude and action does He invite us, why does he permit these things? The Vatican II leads the Christians to explore the ’signs of times’ and to explain them in the light of the Gospel (GS, 4 and 11). It is a challenge raised also by our AUC Theologica Journal. The current issue of AUCT approaches these ‘signs of times’ in several papers that study the existence and characteristics of Islam from various perspectives. You find the content of the whole issue online, available for your study and reflection.