AUC Theologica Issue 1-2017 on Reform of the Church published


In the eve of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, a new issue of the AUC Theologica, the periodical of the Catholic Faculty of Theology, Charles University in Prague, is published. Its topic is ‘the Reform of the Church 500 years after Luther.’ Five authors of this section – W. Klausnitzer, Ľ. Žák, V. Novotný, V. Jansta, and O. Salvet – are looking not only for a historical-theological point of view but also for a perspective for our times. The Varia section brings papers from the area of the history of theology (C. V. Pospíšil, M. Sklenář), theological anthropology (J. Hojda) and Christian art (J. Jonová). Text of the papers is available online for free download.