Eucharist as Sacrifice of Christ-Head and his Mystical Body

  • Benedikt T. Mohelník Catholic Faculty of Theology, Charles University in Prague


The theme of the study is the Eucharist as a sacrifice of Christ and his Mystical Body. In the beginning, the first analogy is stated – the unique and perfect sacrifice of Christ the High Priest on the cross. The author draws on the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas whose concept of sacrifice is based on St. Augustine’s defi- nition. Augustine accentuates the finality of sacrifice: beatific union with God. Christ’s sacrifice of love is sacramentally represented by the double consecration in the Eucharist. However, the Eucharist is also a spiritual sacrifice of the Church. It is the sacrament of love that unites together the Mystical Body of the Church. The fruit of the Eucharist is a spiritual sacrifice of the believers who come to be conformed to Christ. In it, the believers, like Christ, offer the sacrifice as well as being offered with their whole lives as sacrificial offerings. Thus they, like Christ, reach union with God.

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Eucharist; Sacrifice; Spiritual sacrifice; Thomas Aquinas